Frequently Asked Questions

Why partner with CPS?

Being independent and objective, we work with you and for you to select the right designer and builder for your project. Our years of experience enables us to manage your project from start to finish ensuring it is delivered on-time and on-budget.

How does CPS differ from a real estate agent or builder?

As an independent service we provide genuinely impartial advice to our clients, rather than them being locked in to one designer or builder. We have access to a wide range of design options as opposed to an individual builder’s limited portfolio.

Are your builders capable of building on any and every block of land?

Yes. Whether you have a sloping or flat block of land, waterfront or acreage, we will appoint the right builder who specialises in the style and method of construction that suits your block.

How involved in the design process will I be?

You can be as involved as you would like to be, after all this is your home. However, many of our clients lead busy lives and prefer to be involved only at key points throughout the process whilst we take care of all the time consuming details behind the scenes.

How is CPS's service fee calculated?

This is the best part – our service comes at no cost to you. Due to the vast amount of business we place with our developers, designers and builders, our costs are covered by them, not by you.

How will CPS save me money?

Rather than you engaging a builder for a single project, we partner with you so you benefit from our buying power and economies of scale. This means our costs are covered and you still pay less than you would if you appointed a builder privately.